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By Patricia Burkman


August 16, 2011

Every time I hear a complaint about TSA, these people don't realize we are at war! You and I feel we should be exempt from being searched or be allowed that bottle of water because we know we would never harm anyone -- but how are the TSA to know? How are they? Our enemies will use any means to kill us and we can tell them how very easily by saying: We exempt people who are ___ (fill in the blank). How easy it would be for our enemies to send in a bomb or worse yet a chemical that will travel throughout the US by insuring that it is on a person that fit the exemption. And while it is unfortunate that millions of innocent people are inconvienced and sometimes embarassed we do it because that's what you have to do when war has been declared. And war was declared on us.

Everytime the news carries stories about TSA's new methods they must begin looking for other new methods because our enemies read too. Someday terrorist may all go away and the US will no longer be a target -- but until that day we all have TSA agents and other federal and state law enforcement, as well as our military thanks for keeping us safe. Do you really want it to be your vote, your demands that allows the next attack? I don't. Thank you TSA for keeping us safe.

Patricia Burkman
Ketchikan, AK

About: "I lost four friends in the 911 attacks, others were injured."

Received August 16, 2011 - Published August 16, 2011

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