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What will the States do?
By A. M. Johnson


August 01, 2011

Editor Sitnews,

What will the States do should the Federal Government default?

The following article, brings to the forefront the question of States Rights. If there were ever an opportunity to discuss the potential of success for this wonderful Nation now is that time. The Federal Government is BROKE as it pertains to addressing the continuance of the largess that individual States have received from the borrowing of the Federal Government in the quest of being all things to all people.

After reading this article one would hope that the concept of Alaska and all States, being in better position to address funding if allowed to own and manage ALL of the lands with accompanying resources for the betterment of the population.

Alaska, as well as all States, have a better on site understanding of her assets and over sighting in development of those assets.

Think if Alaska had the opportunity to address the economic impact of the vast holdings of natural resources she holds what she can contribute to the economy of not only the U.S.A, but the world. We hold more coal, oil, natural gas, timber, minerals, fisheries, than many countries of the world. Alaskans have the knowledge and background to understand the balance between need and greed. Alaska has the expertise to accept the obligations and responsibilities of managing what she holds. Our people are young and energetic. Alaska under States Rights, would be unbridled ,exciting,.adventurist in the markets of the world. Alaska would excel in all venues of life. In short, Alaska would not require or request Federal funds given the opportunity to rely on being self sufficient.

With States Rights, the need for many of the Federal agencies would dissipate or disappear as we know them today. States would determine the levels of Federal government involvement as the rule of the Constitution were brought into focus as to the powers of the States which subjects the Federal Government to the role of National defender, Treasurer, post office and Supreme court. not much else.

The author of this article is expressing concern for all the bad things that could transpire under a Federal government deficit crises, even that which is manufactured by failure to address the simple family finance challenge of stopping spending. The positive reaction in my opinion, is what could transpire given the Constitutional guidance clearly in place,put there by the framers of this Great Nation, based on free enterprise, under the power of the States, not a dysfunctional central government.

Think about it.

Ketchikan, AK

Received July 31, 2011 - Published August 01, 2011



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