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No Wright County eggs found in Alaska at this time


August 21, 2010
Saturday AM

The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) announced Friday that it has found no eggs sold in Alaska linked to the Wright County Egg national recall. The recalled eggs are sold under a variety of brand names. They are recalled because of possible Salmonella contamination.

Quoting a news release, an earlier DEC announcement on Thursday associating Olympia Valley eggs with the Wright County Egg recall was incorrect. The error by DEC stemmed from information provided by a retail store that had mistakenly informed the department that it had sold the recalled Wright County eggs under the Olympia Valley brand. It informed DEC Friday of its error.

When the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) learns of a recalled food product, it contacts distributors and retailers to ensure they are aware of the recall. If they carry the affected product, DEC verifies that they have stopped selling the food.

For the Wright County Egg recall, DEC has contacted the major statewide distributors and retailers. It has found none carrying the affected product. The department continues to look for eggs in the state associated with the national recall. If any are found, DEC will inform the public.


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Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC)


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