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Ohhhh my aching Back!
By James Schenk


August 09, 2010

For years, no all my life I have been very active as a Journeyman Electrician, Scuba Diver,Hard hat diver, fisherman, hunter, sportsman while in high school.

In all that time, I'm talking a great long while here, I have always been able to tough it out through injuries, and keep doing what I felt I had to do. Pain is only weakness leaving the body, after all. Laying out or quitting is only for guys who aren't real men, right?

That's what I learned growing up here, if it's tough just keep going whatever it is will quit before you do! That served me well enough for 50 years.

Now I understand PAIN, there are some types of pain that are going to stop you to keep you from breaking yourself some more, I did not come by this knowledge easy, but some FANTASTIC people who live and work in this community taught me how to deal with the pain I do have, and how to work around my pain to strengthen myself to the point where I don't have to exist in a fog of prescription drugs to function.

These people through their jobs at Ketchikan's Peace Health General Hospital, at the physical therapy center have taught me how to function with my injury and listen to what my body is telling me (my wife has tried to tell me all along), they showed me ways to control the pain through exercises and knowledge, and made me realize if this is not going to get any better, maybe they have shown me how to not make things worse.

I'm thick headed ,and know I'll get better, but while I'm working on that, I want to thank all of you at KGH physical therapy, and DR.Pankow for all the help and support and especially the knowledge you have shared and given me -- you are amazing people and our community is greater for having people and a facility like yours.

James Schenk
Ketchikan, AK

About: "35 years as an Electician"

Received August 07, 2010 - Published August 09, 2010



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