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Chloramine in City Water
By Kristine Bellanich


August 06, 2010

From what I understand, beginning this month, Ketchikan Public Utilities will begin working towards adding chloramine to the city water supply. As an FYI to those who do not know what chloramine is, it is a mixture of chlorine and ammonia.

When I was in high school, I very specifically remember learning in home economics, that you should never mix these two chemicals because it does form a toxic gas.

If you live in Ketchikan, I am sure you received a notice from KPU in regards to this issue. Within this notice, it stated there would be a public meeting to introduce chloramine to the community and answer any concerns residents had. This meeting was to take place on July 15th. I did not receive this notice until July 20th as did several other people whom I have talked to. It's a little difficult to attend meetings when your invitation is sent 5 days late and of the 6 people I had talked to, 4 of them just tossed the notice into the trash once they realized the meeting was past the date that they received the notice. I almost did the same.

What has brought my attention into doing more research about chloramine is that this notice stated city water cannot be used by dialysis patients and cannot be used for fish tanks. Regardless, we may only have less than a handful of dialysis patients living in Ketchikan... if this water is toxic to our fish tanks and should not be used by people who are immune supressed, what makes it so good for use/consumption by any other individual?

I have been doing research on chloramine since receiving this notice in the mail and I strongly urge Ketchikan residents to please become informed. There are several websites which offer insight into this chemical mixture they are now wanting to add to your water supply.

I have seen very little positive in regards to chloramine than I have cons. Citizens Concerned About Chloramine has a very useful website for obtaining information.

Kristine Bellanich
Ketchikan, AK

Received August 03, 2010 - Published August 06, 2010


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