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RE: The Whitecliff Factor
By Penny Eubanks


August 03, 2010

As the Plaza Manager at the time of the RFP (request for proposal) for the Borough offices, I noted right off the get go the apparent slants. I found it quite interesting to remember that in September of 2007, I believe it was, The Ketchikan Daily News reported on Dawson's purchase of Whitecliff building. In that article, Dawson himself noted that they were planning to remodel the building for Borough offices. Mind you, this was PRIOR to the January 2008 date that the Borough actually put the RFP out! Oh by the way - Dawson did not pay the $50K downpayment until the VERY day the RFP went out for public bid!!! Does something stink here? (Who is taking another bite out of whose apple?!)

Let me tell you, it was a MAD scramble to get an RFP out in the short amount of time given, and to have all our "ducks" in a row in the proposal with so little time. We did not have the six months time that Dawson had, from September to I think it was March 7th, to get architectural drawings completed, and all of the numerous other items required to meet the proposal. But we did it! We felt we had a winning proposal that could not be turned down regardless of any prior slants. But they found a way, a very small way in my opinion to get us off the board so that the Whitecliff deal with Dawson could be finalized.

In the economic conditions at the time, it would have been the fastest way to turn the building around and a win, win, win, situation for all - The Plaza, The Borough, and the Community! Our bid was a significantly less expensive option, in fact it was the winning bid except, the Borough threw it out, calling it non-responsive. You may remember my Sitnews rant which outlined how our bid was not non-responsive and NOT "ANOTHER bite of the apple" of which we were accused!

Oh well, enough of those bad memories - I have to say the Whitecliff building Borough office project turned out beautiful, but at a great cost to the taxpayers of the community. And it sounds as though it is still costing the community, because the "State Eggs" the Borough was counting on all broke!

I agree with Mr. Dial's request for Borough Assemblyman, Mr. Thompson, to have the courage to submit Mr Dial's proposals to the Assembly for vote! It would be interesting to see how they would dodge this one!


Penny Eubanks
Ketchikan, AK

Received August 02, 2010 - Published August 03, 2010


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