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RE: Early morning noise
By Dawn Lawrence


August 14, 2009

I am not sure what area of town you live in, but here in the Carlanna area it is the same. So, trust me, you are not alone! We also hear the mid-week parties with people standing outside their homes obnoxiously talking loud and blaring music, dogs barking until 1 am while their owners are inside watching TV and are too occupied or just too inconsiderate to get off their butts and quiet their dogs, etc. etc.

We also have had to call the police on a few nights because no one in our home, including our two small children, could get any sleep. There was a few times that my child had to miss a few days of school during this past year because she got VERY little sleep and would not have made it through kindergarten morning.

The city has a noise ordinance that starts at 10 pm. What in the heck is the point of this if they do NOT enforce it???? I can understand people wanting to relax on their nights off or having a party on the weekend, but, think of your neighbors and the people around you. You might not have to work or have small children, but your neighbors might! If you are going to get extremely loud, keep it in your home, NOT outside. And, remember, you are responsible for the actions of people visiting your home. If something happens, you could be held legally responsible!!!

Dawn Lawrence
Ketchikan, AK

Received August 10, 2009 - Published August 14, 2009


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