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School bell rings
By Tim Marsden


August 26, 2008

Metlakatla, Alaska - Monday was the first day of school on Annette Island as remnants of summer began to fade into obscurity. By 8:00 a.m. the hallways of the Richard Johnson elementary are alive with chatter and foot traffic. The excitement of returning to school fills the morning air as small voices exchange stories of recent summer adventures.

jpg School bell rings

Photographed are five-year-old Elijah Caspersen & five-year-old Jourdyn Janes. Both, kindergarteners in Miss. Shannon Dodge' class. Photo taken by .

Elementary Secretary, Jody Caspersen, is no stranger to the commotion of first day activities and welcomes the enthusiasm and zeal, "There are a lot of happy students and parents". said Caspersen, regarding the return of her students from summer vacation. "Everyone's excited to be back - all the students and parents are eager to start the new year".

One hundred and forty six students are enrolled at the Richard Johnson elementary this year, according to Secretary Caspersen who adds, "It's good to be back to work, Helping students and teachers".




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