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Voters Have Three Ballot Choices in the Primary Election


August 21, 2008

When Alaska voters go to the polls on August 26th they will have a choice between ballots. Most voters will have a choice between two or three different ballots types ­ but they can only choose one.

There are two types of political party ballots that contain candidate names and the ballot measures: 1) a ballot with candidates from the Alaskan Independence Party, Alaska Democratic Party and the Alaska Libertarian Party, along with the ballot measures. This ballot is referred to as the A-D-L Party ballot and is available to any registered voter; 2) a ballot with candidates from the Republican Party, along with the ballot measures. The Republican ballot is available only to those voters who were registered as Republican, undeclared or non-partisan 30 days prior to the election.

The third type of ballot is the Measures Only ballot. This ballot does not include any candidate names and is intended for voters who want to vote only on the ballot measures and not vote in any candidate race. This ballot is available to any registered voter.

Voters must remember that on Election Day, although there are three different ballots, they only get to vote one ballot type. The election officials at the polls will inform the voter what his or her choices are based on the voter's political party affiliation listed on the precinct register. If a voter wants to vote a ballot he or she is not eligible to vote, the voter must vote a questioned ballot.


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