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August 13, 2008

Alaska Attorney General Talis Colberg appointed Assistant District Attorney David Brower to be Alaska's first Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor (TSRP). Nationally, traffic crashes of all kinds claim nearly 43,000 lives a year. In Alaska in 2006, traffic crashes took the lives of 46 people and injured many more.

Additionally, traffic related prosecutions, particularly DUIs and DUI-fatalities, are among the most complicated cases to handle. "Line prosecutors with substantial caseloads need a specialized prosecutor they can turn to for help, a person who focuses solely on traffic issues and prosecutions" said Deputy Attorney General Rick Svobodny "Dave Brower is the person with the expertise to do that job."

Twenty-eight states have Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutors and Alaska is the latest state to create this resource for state and municipal prosecutors. The TSRP position provides for education, training, and technical assistance to prosecutors and law enforcement throughout the State in prosecuting DUIs, DUI-fatalities, and other traffic related issues and prosecutions.

Brower has worked for the department since 1991. He has been an assistant district attorney in Nome and Juneau and was an assistant attorney general in the civil division for over four years. Before working for the department of law, Brower was a corrections officer in Nome from 1979 to 1988 when he went to law school.

Brower has been a dedicated public servant in Alaska for 25 years in the criminal justice system. He brings experience and enthusiasm to his new position and will provide the state with an additional resource to help reduce the incidence of driving related crimes.


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