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Sen. Stevens
By Robert Glenn


August 28, 2008

Jerilyn Lester, if you read the about me section you will see that I did live in Ketchikan for 3 years (year round, not only for summer). Never once did I miss a flight because I had to take the ferry over to the airport. I missed more flights because I would be sitting there at the airport and listen to the plane fly over because of weather.

I never thought that a 300+ million dollar bridge was necessary to Gravina Island. Tell me, how is a bridge to Gravina going to help Ketchikan grow? What, Gravina will become so populated that next Alaska will want a tunnel to Metlakatla or even better POW?

Seriously, the bridges in the Northeast support the movement of good and products through out the United States, what goods and products will be moved from Ketchikan to Gravina? Salmon? Halibut? For 300+ million dollars of US Tax payer money? It is beyond apples and oranges.

Yes, the North East has many bridges and tunnels, but they also have a population of 54,741,353 according to the 2006 census estimate.
As of 2004, there were 8,044 people living in Ketchikan. Sure that is not up to date as of today, but I highly doubt the population has even doubled in that time.

Do you think that a bridge to Gravina will increase Ketchikans' population to any incredible number seeing as a person can not even drive to Ketchikan with out the help of a ferry?

You state, "we do have a few dollars sent our way." Well Sen. Stevens helped bring home a total of 1,452 projects worth $3.4 billion between 1995 and 2008. I would say that is not a few dollars.

But my original statement was not concerning the money Alaska or Ketchikan receives, it was addressing Ted Stevens and his 'error' on papers that are used by the US Government to make our political figures accountable.

If this is so much about power in congress then explain to me why many in his own party are backing away from him, rather than supporting him?
Reading through Stevens history there is a trend of bringing home more pork money per capita making Alaska the number 1 pork receiving state in the country. Even Palin a republican, Teds own party, has stated she was going to cut down on the pork in Alaska.

So, Ms. Lester addressing your concerns....
I can from my personal opinion tell you I dont think you need a bridge in Ketchikan. I can state that because I lived there, I flew in and out of your airport, I spent money at your Wal-mart, I shopped at your A&P, I even baught a car there, which covers me on your statement: "so please don't tell us we don't need something when you have an over abundance of them or until you come here to live."

Fact of the matter is that people in 50 states pay taxes. New York has a high state tax, Alaska has none. Residents in the rest of the country do not get a PFD or Energy assistance check, and I wont even go further on that. And I don't want my money going for a bridge to Gravina, which thankfully it is not. But it did go to the state senate and they appointed it where they felt necessary. Even if Alaska received 1 dollar of my tax money, I can have a say.

Robert Glenn
New York, NY

About: "Lived in Ketchikan for 3 years"

Received August 22, 2008 - Published August 28, 2008


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