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Poke'em in the eye
By Edward Brown


August 28, 2008

Throwing our most senior senator under the bus is not called for. He should be presumed innocent until the verdict or plea comes in. The trial will not end until 2 weeks before the general election. Ted is worthy of one more primary vote by all patriotic Alaskan voters. This can be our thank you to Ted with his 40 years of service to our state.

We owe Senator Ted Stevens our next vote!!!

How many of us have done something or anything for a period of10 ,20 or even 30 years. Ted has served our country in the military and in congress. He loves our state and its people enough to live in DC. Most of them think we are small potatoes because our state lacks population. Ted Stevens has done well for our State since statehood in spite of the odds against him.

In Anchorage our California owned paper<ADN> use to call him Alaska's senator for life . Currently The Daily news in Anchorage is relishing the daily headlines with all their accusations about Senator Stevens. These charges are repeated daily for furthering their own political views. I have not heard ADN call him "senator for life" in quite awhile.

This California news papers bread is buttered by big oil conglomerates. ADN says nary a peep about oil company involvement. Without question it had to have been oil money that has bought more than one politicians favors. Corruption caused by our oil patch folks is never justified but surely we can recognize them as the original money source for this corruption. If you believe Veco was doing this all on their own I have a bridge to nowhere to sell you. The lower 48 has thrown Ted under the bus already.

Our "cut and run media" feed on one politician's misery while they let the whole oil industry off the hook.

My mother used to say "wipe that smile off your face young man". Then she would be sure to serve me a big helping of humble pie.

I'll stick my finger in their eye by casting my primary vote for our Senator Ted Stevens. Keep on fighting Ted. We are behind you until you come back to this state for good. We will fight alongside Ted by voting for him in the primary & on election day? Ted has fought for us over 40 years and deserves our loyalty.

Edward Brown
Anchorage, AK

About: "Non-partisan who has voted for Ted Stevens many times"

Received August 23, 2008 - Published August 28, 2008


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