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Ketchikan vote Democrat?
By Chris Arteaga


August 28, 2008

Dear Editor,

In the wake of Senator Stevens indictment, Ketchikan should reconsider its staunch support of Republican candidates.

Two years ago, the Democrats took control of congress for the first time in twelve years. This was due in large part to the excesses of Tom Delay, Ted Stevens, Larry Craig, Mark Foley, Don Young, and David Vitter. From sex in the bathroom, to lusting after minors, to a family values conservative doing a prostitute, these men proved that it s not just Democrats who stain blue dresses and the honor of our government. But it was more than that, Americans saw the zeal of Stevens and Young who threw tantrums in their respective chambers of congress when the earmark for the Gravina access bridge was removed.

America reacted by resoundingly rejecting the Republicans, their failed policies, and morals. It is now the Republican party s turn to wander in the political wilderness and question its every belief and platform. This can be seen in its nomination of John McCain. A maverick who has bucked the party for years. A guy who is against opening ANWR. An ardent critic of the bridge to nowhere. In short, no friend to Ketchikan.

Now Ketchikan finds itself in a quandary; should it stand behind its dear Uncle Ted? Even though he has been chastised by the Republican nominee who will certainly not be in any mood to do Alaska favors should he occupy the white house. Here s the million dollar question: should Ketchikan support Stevens and McCain? Ketchikan should reconsider its staunchly Republican leanings and change course. If Alaska sends Begich to the senate and its three electoral votes to Obama it has the potential to be rewarded. Begich can work with Democrats in the Senate to pass an energy bill which includes opening ANWR. Obama has altered his position on off shore drilling and might be more persuadable on ANWR if he saw Alaska as part of his winning coalition. On the other hand, a McCain administration would work to remove the earmarks which Stevens has made Ketchikan s bread and butter. Ketchikan has a choice in this election: to look forward or backward. Which party offers island residents
the best quality of life? I think in 2008 it is the Democrats.


Chris Arteaga
Denver, CO

About: "Chris was born in Ketchikan where he spends extended periods of time in the summer. Chris is a registered Democrat."

Received August 24, 2008 - Published August 28, 2008


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