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Grilling with Ted
By Mike Isaac


August 04, 2008

I have heard that Bush and his buddies in the Justice Department want to lock up Ted Stevens for his "bridge to nowhere" idea. The truth is Ted Stevens may be locked up and lose his seat in the Senate over a BBQ grill, trading a classic 1964 Ford Mustang for some run of the mill SUV and having his deck repaired on his little ski cabin in Girdwood that he paid for. Ted Stevens is a good man and not one of those bible thumping, right wing kooks that give Republicans a bad name. He not only looks out for Alaska but the other states as well. I would hate to think how much gas would cost here in California if the pipeline had not been built.

With two Democrats running for president, dems in the majority in Congress and Senate it is important to have at least 41 Republicans in the Senate to stop the left wing kooks from advancing their ideas. And another thing to think about before you vote for John McCain and he somehow wins, the Democrat Governor of Arizona will fill McCain's empty Senate seat with a tree hugging, open borders, tax loving fool. For that reason alone my vote is with Barak Obama plus he is being honest about who he is unlike McCain. Before John McCain got the nomination he was very busy writing bills with his pal Ted Kennedy and voting with the likes of Barbara Boxer and Patty Murray on a number of bills.

This election year the most important thing is that the Republicans hold at least 41 seats in the Senate, not who sits in the White House. So if it looks like Ted might do some jail time over his grill, maybe Robin Taylor or Don Young??? might want to run for his seat if it's not too late or if Ted wins then gets locked up at least Governor Palin could appoint a pro energy tax cutting Republican to that seat.

Mike Isaac
Arrowbear Lake, CA

About: "former ketchikan resident and 2 time voter of Ted Stevens"

Received August 03, 2008 - Published August 04, 2008


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