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Alaska "Roadside" flower
By Al Johnson


August 01, 2008


On or around the 20th of July I contacted the State Police regarding What is now a trashed Jeep Cherokee, AK License EEP 229 located at the Whipple Creek pull out. I was advised that abandoned cars were the responsibility of the Ketchikan Gateway Borough enforcement officer. The State Trooper on duty volunteered to pass the matter on to the Borough enforcement officer. I thanked him and departed knowing the issue was being delt with.

Well, here it is the first of August and all the prophecies given the State Trooper have come true, the windows are all broken out, the junk inside is being scattered all around. and it is now a non-removable object daily showing off to the tourist passing on busses, and we community citizens who are abiding by the law.

Either the State Trooper dismissed my inquiry and his offer to contact the Ketchikan Gateway Borough enforcement officer out of hand, or the Ketchikan Gateway Borough enforcement officer is not able to address this issue for what ever reason or excuse.

One suspects that if this wreck were on the beach of Gravina Island, or up Revilla road, action might be taken, not of course, till it is as it is, a total mess and Grant money can be sucked up or the photo op is more exciting.

What would it take to check out the license plate and contact the last registered owner to advise them that they are in for the cost of removal? O I know, the person contacted will say that he "Gave or sold this Junker" sometime ago. Well, according to my understanding, until the State is advised by the receipt of the bottom transfer section of the vehicle title the current owner is responsible.

Another example of how effective Government is in our lives. Not.


A.M. (Al) Johnson
Ketchikan, AK


Received August 01, 2008 - Published August 01, 2008


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