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Limiting free enterprise is not new to Ketchikan!
By Rick Watson


August 31, 2007
Friday PM

Correct me if I am wrong but if I wanted to open a Red Lobster in town and have a bar in it or to serve spirits to the diners I would not be able to unless there is an existing liquor license for sale. To me that is not free enterprise. To say that limiting liquor licenses in town would cut down on drinking is twisted. All it does is funnel those that want a drink into the limited ones available. So what is the difference between that and limiting jewelry stores?

Although I do agree in principle about limiting the number, or type, or way they are allowed to operate, mainly because I have heard it from so many visiting friends, relatives and tourist that when they came here, they came to see Alaska not jewelry stores, I also do not feel comfortable in limiting free enterprise. Perhaps there is some merit here and coming up with a solution like requiring new jewelry stores to be open year round or some other limiting factor might help cut down the number of summer only jewelry stores. But for the chamber, city, borough, and future leaders to stick their head in the sand and say things like "I doubt it will pass" only asks for support out of pure spite. In reality they have a duty to address these issues and to come up with workable solutions regardless of the pre and post election results or perhaps they should seek other lines of community involvement.

Rick Watson
Ketchikan, AK

Received August 29, 2007 - Published August 31, 2007

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