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By Lindy Henrick


August 31, 2007
Friday PM

After reading Mr. Kiffer's article I was quite shocked. One by the amount of fatalities that have occurred in area, but more importantly the tone he took about aviation fatalities. Any machine you enter involves a risk; driving your car is much more dangerous than flying, yet people get in their cars on a regular basis, without a second thought.

Aftan Zink made a valid point. We need to acknowledge those who survived the accident and the pilots that make numerous trips and survive those on a regular basis.

Flying in itself is a challenge, but flying in Alaska is a whole new component. As a pilot, to have "Alaska Time" is a big thing, because of the vastly changing weather conditions that occur in the air. One can point fingers and ridicule a pilot who crashes due to weather and easily say "pilot error." However, because how quickly weather changes in Alaska it is wrong to assume that a pilot was flying in inappropriate weather conditions and automatically assume it was preventable.

Aviation is a world of its own. After working for Taquan Air for three summers, I have acquired a second family not only within the company but also along the entire waterfront. Though there are separate businesses, and we may appear competitive, we are family. When a plane goes down, other companies are out searching, as if it were one of their own. The pilots look out for each other, and if they ever encounter weather they are sure to warn others.

As a small town we need not focus on the amount of aviation losses that Ketchikan has endured. We need to mirror the aviation industry and support one another, and focus on the positive aspects that aviation has brought to this community.

Lindy Henrick
Anchorage, AK

Received August 30, 2007 - Published August 31, 2007

About: "Born and raised in Ketchikan, AK"

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