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Scooter Gang
By Ken Lewis


August 31, 2007
Friday PM

Now I am a bit ashamed over this scooter issue. According to the news articles if our elderly hell's angels gang do not get their "born to be wild choppers" out of the hall and into their small living areas, they are going to see who wears the big trousers. To comply they must rearrange their apartments, but they are not all physically up to the task. If complying is the objective, one phone call to any number of coaches would get all the young muscle they need. That's what community will do.

But, isn't it more than that? I hope they are cantankerous enough in this situation to say fine, I and my old timer gang will trade our little Rascals in for Harleys to comply with the two inch mandate, and you can clean up the oil that drips from our machines that define independence. Get those motors running, and head out on that highway, just maybe they are looking for adventure?

I say get-up, stand-up, and wave without all your fingers, you earned it. It just don't seem right to push a little ole lady from Pasadena around, when she can do for herself. Why should teenagers get all the defiant fun? Let's get it on.

Ken Lewis
Ketchikan, AK

Received August 31, 2007 - Published August 31, 2007

About: " I have never seen a little rascal scooter gang parked outside the Artic and it's about time I do."


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