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Backyard bears HAVE GOT TO GO
By Gabreal A. Easterly


August 31, 2007
Friday PM

Enough with the garbage bears. Yes you are right we've had it with the bears that do nothing but wait until nobody is looking to rob the garbage cans and spread it all over our driveways and yards. For over 100 years my family along with so many others have done their part to control these problem bears.

Personally I feel bad for our law enforcement who our continually called to confront the problem and yet when they arrive at the scene there is nothing but a trail of garbage and NO bear. It's time to put the power back into the community's hands to help this problem.

Trust me there are thousands of bears on this island alone. I would have to say that there are probably 4 different sized bears that appear behind our house every other day -- not to mention they have drug everyone else's garbage in the neighborhood into our back door oasis. It's bad enough to clean up your own garbage destroyed by bears, but when is somebody else's....That is just disgusting!!!

These backyard bears HAVE GOT TO GO. We know that relocating them doesn't work. They're right back at it in a few days. All we need is a bear drop off area.

I'm the father of two little girls and married to my beautiful wife Pepper, if you think I'm going to go to work with a 400 pound black bear ten feet outside my window with three girls inside that can't defend themselves from a house spider, think again. I know that I'm not alone, I'd rather shoot myself than come home to find out they made in my house, or got hold of one of my girls while they were taking the trash out.

Don't get me wrong I'm a bear lover myself. When I'm in their territory I always walk the other way, they can have all that is theirs. I have nothing but respect for them. However, these bears have become a huge problem within the city limits. Now you see how the bears are teaching their cubs "the garbage technique", these bears are doomed from the start. We need to take action. If we can't reach an agreement with Fish and Game then prepare yourselves for more dead bears found in the ditch or floating in the water. At this point we have no other choice.

Please help us with a real solution.


Gabreal A. Easterly
Ketchikan, AK

Received August 31, 2007 - Published August 31, 2007


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