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White Cliff School
By Signe Markuson


August 29, 2007

Thank you again Sitnews for your forum. It is hard sometimes for a timid person who didn't graduate, has no engineering qualifications or any other expertise knowledge except to be listening to everybody else's on the situation of the old White Cliff School, to even have their opinion be read or considered but here goes...

I think that White Cliff School needs to be demolished. I think that it would make a good catastrophe training site for our local catastrophe response people. I believe that is has been so "Red Green" fixed that no one wants to touch it, also for fear of the wrath of the sentimentalist on its moot historic value. The land is good though and might very well be a good place for our new library.

My thoughts are motivated from a love for Ketchikan and hopes for it to continue to grow and be a healthy community and a fiscally, recreationally, educationally and spiritually profitable place to live.

If I were a tourist and seeing Ketchikan for the first time, I would think Ketchikan is very special and surely there is no other town in Alaska more beautiful on a sunny day.

Please forgive me if my opinion offends you as I admit I do not have all the facts.

Signe Markuson
Ketchikan, AK

Received August 28, 2007 - Published August 29, 2007


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