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Let the market decide
By Charles Edwardson


August 29, 2007

I agree with a response that was written to SitNews from one of the readers, on one of my articles about jewelry store initiatives and the upcoming vote. The reader wrote "let the market decide on what business thrives here"

But in the same response seemed to be leaning for the right to carry out this vote on limiting the market of free trade. and also he wanted facts, well all you have to do is reflect on the time the mill closed and there was student decline in the schools ,people moving out of town for lack of jobs, sales tax records are public knowledge the information does not need to be verified by me we are living it. One just needs to open there eye. Tourism in its evolving forms has been a second chance for many people to start a business. It just so happens that the locals are employees of many of the new businesses not the owners. But at least some of the locals are working.Putting limitations on business is not going to reverse this trend only the local individuals who want to start a business can reverse the trend of non local ownership of business.

To read into my message "sarcasm" was no great feat I put asterisks around it. But reading into my letter that putting more jewelry stores in town is the answer is totally missing the point. The act of limiting free enterprise is my point and although I have remodeled many, many jewelry stores, if they were all kayak shops, or candy stores, or any other store I would have remodeled them just the same. My point is and always has been the tour industry is all we have in the spring and summer whatever works whatever they buy , is whatever this town should endeavor to provided, obviously jewelry sells.

And angry would be putting it lightly about my feelings about limiting anyone's freedom, I do agree now that it is on its way to the ballot box, it is in the voters hands.

And I will take the advice of the reader of my viewpoints, in his "angry response" that was somewhat sarcastic also.

I am going to sit back, take a deep breath, and vote.

Charles Edwardson
Ketchikan, AK

Received August 28, 2007 - Published August 29, 2007

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