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Jewelry store vote
By Chris Herby


August 27, 2007

I have been reading with interest the letters on SitNews regarding the jewelry store issue. I really didn't think the petition sponsors would get enough signitures and carry through with their threats to bring this crazy thing to a vote.

I must applaud Tom Ferry and Charles Edwardson for their recent letters on the subject. Both letters were very blunt but very accurate and I could tell they came from the heart. All too often I see former or present government employees try to hurt our local economy just because they don't need a healthy economy for their livlihoods. I have nothing against those who choose to work for the state or federal governments or for that matter local governments, but it is wrong for these people to have total disregard for those who choose to be in business for themselves or those who choose to invest in this community. If this jewelry store initiative were to pass the upcomming vote, I believe it would be the single worst thing to happen to our local economy since the pulp mill closed.

I really wish we didn't always have these divisive issues in our community. I feel that the sponsors of this initiative probably started out thinking they were doing something good for Ketchikan and by the time they realized it was a bad idea that would hurt a lot of people, they felt they were too far along and possibly backed into a corner and couldn't turn back.

I am really hoping that we can get a good voter turnout for the vote on this issure and I hope we can defeat it so soundly that it never rears its ugly head again. I don't like seeing as many of one type of store as there is anymore than the next person, but I do understand the principle of free enterprise and freedom in general. To limit one type of legal business is totally absurd.

I will not attack the people that sponsored this because they are exercising one of our many freedoms. I just wish they had more respect for all of our freedoms including free enterprise. I really want people to understand that this thing needs to stop with this upcomming vote or else where will it go next? What type of business will be limited next? What if there are too many internet news sites? Oh no! don't take SitNews from us. Where could we exercise our freedom of speech?

Chris Herby
Ketchikan, AK

Received August 27, 2007 - Published August 27, 2007

About: "25 year ketchikan resident and 22 year local business owner."


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