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Will It Ever Stop?
By Jerry Cegelske


August 26, 2007

A quick trip on Revilla Road to check on the abandoned vehicle left in the ditch two weeks ago revealed more trash dumped for people to look at, with a couch dumped along one of the pull-outs.

In going North to check on a vehicle, I checked Whipple Spur Road and found three computers, two monitors, two bags of trash, a truck tool box, and two buckets that were dumped there.

jpg computers, monitors...

Computers, monitors, trash and truck box lid on Whipple Spur.Rd.

One of the monitors had "Workstation 6,. Ethernet, Router Console" on it. There were two IBM and a Compaq computer tossed out. If someone remembered these and who they were given or sold to, it would help to find out who dumped them. It is to bad they aren't recycled as there is value in the materials in them including gold.

Two vehicles have been dumped along Sunset Drive, a Subaru and a Toyota. The interesting thing about the Toyota is that a notebook was left behind and one of the notations read "Borough about voucher for junk vehicle." It would have been nice it they had followed up on it so your tax money didn't have to go to remove their vehicle. It also poses a traffic hazard to the people that drive on Sunset. I will be contacting the registered owner who probably sold it without updating the registration.

jpg Junk Toyota

Junk Toyota on Sunset Dr.

I recently talked with someone who was taking their parents on a hike along one of the local trails. Their comments were on the amount of trash dropped along the trail, not the beauty of the area. I don't know what it would take to wake people up to the fact that they help destroy the things they enjoy by littering. I was asked, "What are they thinking?", to which I replied "I have no idea!" I don't know if they think at all, other than about themselves.

So, the trash keeps getting dumped and you continue to pay to have it cleaned up, and the dumpers have no respect for their island, friends and neighbors and deserve none from us. Beauty may be skin deep but that type of ugliness goes to the bone.

Jerry Cegelske
KGB Code Enforcement Officer
Ketchikan, AK

Couch dumped on Revilla Road

Drywall mud pails dumped on Whipple Spur Rd.

Truck box dumped on Whipple Spur Rd.


Computer monitor with information on it.

Received August 21, 2007 - Published August 26, 2007


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