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Stunning photograph
By Chris Campbell


August 26, 2007

Dear Editor,

Thank you so much for printing the stunning photograph by Carl Thompson of the Tongass Narrows' Sunset. Ketchikan was my home for a couple of decades, and this photograph really captures the gorgeous chiaroscuros there.

I thought Olney Webb's letter was hilarious, but I have to say I am deeply ambivalent about the jewelry store petition. On the one hand, I am cheering Helen Finney on -- go Helen, go! Let the citizens take back the town before it is too late! But on the other hand, I really look forward to shopping at Chris Elliott's emporium. I see a little mini-mall on Hopkins Alley where I can purchase tanzanite earrings in one shop, kumquats in another, and a McKinley Burger in the third.

And since I am sticking my nose where I have no business doing so (according to so many Sitnews contributors, because I moved) I also want to say I completely support Aan Kadax Tseen's position on the bridge. All of these things contribute to why I loved living in Ketchikan in spite of the isolation and rain, and why I still long to return.

Chris Campbell
Kenai, AK

Received August 26, 2007 - Published August 26, 2007


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