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A Bright Future
By Mellanie Isner


August 20, 2007

The debate continues, do we have too many jewelry stores downtown? This issue has polarized those interested in Ketchikan's future. While there have been some ugly insinuations I continue to see the discussion a healthy one. Perhaps signaling out one industry was not the best path to obtain the outcome the Citizens for Ketchikan's Future desired. I volunteered to be a sponsor and will stay with the project to its eventual outcome, whatever that outcome is.

However, I have some concerns. My comments here are personal and do not necessarily represent CKF, its sponsors or any of the petition signers. To rephrase former President Reagan's words - Mr. Skinner, please stop making unsupported comments! At a recent meeting you declared you (as Chamber President) have over 150 letters/faxes/emails supporting the opposition to our petition. Now Monday during a radio show you said 50% of the sponsors have pulled out. I would simply request you to provide proof of these statements.

In closing I must also say I was more than insulted when you insisted during that meeting the Citizens for Ketchikan's Future were motivated by bigotry, hatred and racism. Your words were entirely inappropriate. This is a community planning (or lack of) issue not a race war. We want the same thing, a bright future for our town.

Mellanie Isner
Ketchikan, AK

Received August 16, 2007 - Published August 20, 2007

About: "Lifelong Ketchikan resident."


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