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Creek Street Bridge fishing
By Gerald Scarzella


August 20, 2007

I didn't like the tone of Mr. Webb concerning the "slobs" that fish at the Creek Street Bridge. There are quite a few good hearted people that fish there, myself included. I cannot speak for all the fisher-people that go to the bridge, but the reason I go fishing there with my children is because of the ease of casting/jigging with abundant fish around, easily accessible area, and I don't own a boat.

I have seen my share of what Mr. Webb describes, but to categorize and generalize all people that fish there is wrong. It amazes me that so many people are interested in fishing in an unusual location. I suppose they fish there for some of the same reasons I do. There are times that the bridge is overcrowded with people, both tourists and fishing people. One has to be careful of who is next to them. But like many things, it is a fluid and dynamic process. One hour there may be fifteen people fishing, the next only three. I have seen many tourists be amazed at our stock of salmon so close to a downtown location. And I think that some of them like to see a person land a fish and keep it. You should see all the cameras that come out of pockets and purses to take a snap shot of a salmon from Alaska, caught by a local, or a tourist. It's part of human nature to fish. Now I agree that once you keep a fish, you should take care of it quickly and properly. I personally use the cleaning table 100 yards away, but I know I am the minority. More people need to be responsible and clean fish properly.

As far as flying hooks go, I agree that it can be dangerous. I have caused a few hooks to fly by too. Hooking a fish isn't an exact science. And add the congestion that accompanies the bridge, you increase your odds of hooking a bystander. But hooks don't fly everytime someone catches a fish. I have yet to see a hook injure someone, and I hope no one gets injured.

I didn't like the overall generalization of what happens at the bridge and that's why I am responding to Mr. Webb's letter. I hope that if someone knows the exact number of times they cross a bridge, they would be able to see all other aspects of a situation and not characterize people. I will continue to fish at the bridge with my children, and enjoy the natural bounty of fish that we are truly blessed with in the "Salmon Capital of World".


Gerald Scarzella
Local Fishing Slob
Ketchikan, AK

Received August 16, 2007 - Published August 20, 2007

About: " 4-year Ketchikan resident, life-long Alaska resident."

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