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Why are the Polar Icecaps melting?
By Chris Slotten


August 20, 2007

Why are the Polar Icecaps melting where the Greenhouse Gasses are the thinnest?

The current Global Warming Theory assumes Greenhouse Gasses are evenly distributed around the planet. They re not. All greenhouse gasses are in the Troposphere. The Troposphere extends from the Earth out about 14 miles at the equator and 4 miles at the poles during summer. The Troposphere at the poles during winter is indistinct. (Supports the oceans exhale when they re hot concept. When the oceans exhale, they exhale water vapor and CO2. The oceans are the #1 producer of CO2. Water vapor is 95% of greenhouse gasses.)

A quick note on CO2.

CO2 is .038% of our atmosphere. The increase in CO2, according to NASA Facts on line, has been 10% over the last 50 years. If man is responsible for all the increase, man is responsible for 10% of .038% or .0038%. (That s less than a nickel compared to a $1,000 bill.)

The reason CO2 is so important to the current Theory is that the other Kyoto Treaty greenhouse gasses are decreasing. Read the U.N. IPCC Report.

If melting Polar Icecaps is really a concern, we need to establish why they are melting. It s not greenhouse gasses. Then we need to see if we can do anything about it.

Blaming manmade greenhouse gasses is a waste of time, money and resources.

Chris Slotten
"Simply Chris"
The Environmental Maniac
Phoenix, AZ

Received August 20, 2007 - Published August 20, 2007

About: "I am the Environmental Maniac. I was given the label Recycling Maniac by a Waste Management spokeswomen in all the local press in 1994. That was the amount of passion required to create the best multi-family recycling program in California. Environmental Maniac is just a natural evolution. Simply Chris just reminds me that without the greatness of others, I can't get anything done."

In 1972 I was a senior at U.C. Irvine. Greenhouse/Global Cooling was the problem. I built a car that met 1986 air pollution requirements.

In 1994 I created the best multi-family recycling program in California. I was the maintenance man for 241 condos and it made good business since that if I diverted half the garbage through recycling, the complex would save half on their garbage bill. That was a $25,000 a year savings. Recycling enough newspaper and cardboard to save 50,000 trees was a side effect. (That s a 1,000 years of carbon credits if you buy them from Al Gore.)

I just reduced the air conditioning load on my house by almost 30% through the use of radiant barrier products. I live outside of Phoenix. That s a big number.

By helping a couple million other homeowners do the same thing, save money, the Country save One Quadrillion BTUs of energy a year. That s the equivalent of 17,000,000 barrels of oil. (A Billion dollars of carbon-offset credits.) "

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Monday AM - August 20, 2007

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