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Veneergate, Borough Manager's Lame answers, and the Borough Assembly's responsibilty to protect OUR assets.
By Byron Whitesides


August 15, 2007
Wednesday PM

After reading the Ketchikan borough manager's response to Mary Lynn Dahl's 6 key questions, the smell was so strong I had to examine the bottom of my shoe to see if perhaps I had accidently stepped in something on the way to get the paper! NO, it was just the stench of Mr. Eckert's obviously disingenuous, evasive and misleading answers.

Earl Mossburg's letter in Wednesday the 15ths Daily News states Eckert's response was LAME, as well as the Borough Assembly's! I think maybe Earl is being "diplomatic"?

Mr. Eckert's evasive, misleading, response should not be tolerated by the assembly. Their sworn duty is to protect OUR assets. The response from Eckert and the assembly is totally unacceptable!

Assembly members should be asking themselves, why Mr. Eckert is being less than candid, and members of the community should be asking themselves why the assembly is not DEMANDING forthright answers to these and other questions asked about OUR assets. Why are we still allowing a man to manage our borough, who has taken two months to answer these questions with these lame, evasive answers. Can we really trust a person with this responsibility who will not provide quick and honest answers to ethical questions? I think NOT!

What about a borough assembly who won't "man up" and demand honesty?

Just who is hiding what here, and why?

Maybe the assembly should answer a few more questions. It has been rumored that the mill site is being "scrapped" out and the assets sold off, some 20 barge loads or more, rumored. It has also been said that the borough either allowed, or co-signed for Jenkins to borrow money, using the venner plant equipment as collateral.

I can not imagine a "purchaser" being allowed to dispose of or encumber the assets of a property that is not substantially paid for. What happens if the deal falls through?

What collateral has Jenkins put up?

Who is getting the money from the sale of the assets, and how much has been realized from the sale of property not owned by the seller? Will ALL proceeds realized be returned to the citizens of the Gateway Borough should this deal fall through?

Should this deal turn out to be a scam, or fall through, and we discover OUR assets gone, AGAIN! , I don't think the citizens of Ketchikan should accept the excuses of stupidity, incompetence, or "we were just doing our best". We should DEMAND a FBI investigation and CRIMINAL charges for ANY improper or complicit behavior by ANYONE who is involved.

I find it impossible to believe anyone could be this stupid or incompetent, with all the high paid advisors we have. Something here just doesn't smell right!

By the way, could someone tell me if this is the same borough manager that was using his position to get government grants for his son's geoduck business?

Byron Whitesides
Ketchikan, AK

Received August 15, 2007 - Published August 15, 2007

About: "Retired, and a lifelong resident of Ketchikan"


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