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Just east of Nowhere
By Robert McRoberts


August 14, 2007
Tuesday AM

I have read some good stuff lately -- and then some that is just... well in need of serious help. I really don't know much either but I have my opinions too.

Ketchikan Alaska - just east of Nowhere - a community that is torn over the way of the tourist... and they can be in the way. But I really don't mind being in their way when I am off the rock.

I enjoy looking at all the interesting people who visit. Sure I wonder what they are thinking when they step out in front of big dump trucks. But the locals are just as bad except they try to race out in front of you only to turn and hold up traffic or go flying by you and others in some big hurry only to be in front of you at the next stop in traffic. The tourist themselves do not bother me. But I wonder how much we are getting dependent on them. What if something happens and tourism stops or slows down?

Jewelry stores -- well if people aren't buying jewelry, why are they still in business here? The thing that bothers me about jewelry stores are the few workers who stand out on the sidewalks flicking their butts into the gutter and harassing people to come into their shops. This behavior should not be allowed. But as long as they're legal let them be -- they spend their monies here too and as a community we need to keep the money moving around town. If I didn't enjoy snow machining so much I would leave town all winter too.

We're getting ready to put some new blood into our government. I thought about running for a seat but I know that they would not give me the borough manager job. Why! I would not care about lost ships coming to town in favor of a cheep small bridge from the IFA terminal to the end of the airport. I would hold a land lottery over on Gravina to get the land on the tax rolls. I would jump on the chance to take back the property at Ward Cove and build a trash recycle plant there. I would hire my friends for jobs. I would not try to take on more territory for so few $$$$. Seems we take over the Misty Fjords we have to maintain a monument -- besides all that I would push a sewer system for the whole north end so I could go out and install it and get investigated for abusing my job. Yea we're all better if i just keep digging things up.

With that said I just better go to work and let the ones who know more about corruption and lies sit in front of us and tell us how good they are. I am an easy going kind of person with so many good friends in this community that as long as I am with them we will live a good life. Adapt, improvise and overcome. Just do a good job that you can be proud of. The people of Ketchikan love to talk bad about others to make themselves look better.

Robert McRoberts
Ketchikan, AK

Received August 10, 2007 - Published August 14, 2007

About: "Just a person living on the rock. that loves the good people we have here and laughs at the fools trying to cut down others. Too bad people come to our community and take advantage of our lives."

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