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Thank You, "Buttinskis"
By Katie Jo Parrott


August 13, 2007
Monday PM

I would like to wholeheartedly thank Mr. Bud Burke and Mr. Tyrell Rettke for their recent excellent contributions to Sitnews' Viewpoints. It was refreshing to read letters of opinion so respectfully and eloquently written, that offered factual information while commenting on the recent issues addressed on this forum. The information that these men provided was enlightening, specifically concerning the Gravina Bridge issue and Ketchikan's economy, and they showed wisdom in the presentation of the facts alongside their own opinions. It is always nice to hear another's input when an attitude of presumptuousness is absent.

I also would like to commend them both for confronting the incredulous comments of an individual in this forum, comments that were both brazenly arrogant and ignorant, as well as highly offensive to me and, I'm sure, other Ketchikanites. By addressing this in the manner they did, it showed intelligence and integrity on both of their parts, something that I believe is representative of our community. Their tactful responses also assuaged the inner beast in me that yearned to make retorts back in screaming capitalizations. (It was in the works, believe me!)

Thank you specifically, Tyrell, for reminding us about Internet etiquette, and debunking some of the misconceptions that have been floating around on Sitnews; also, for pointing out some key differences between our Great State and the lower 48. (I'd like to add that Alaska has 500,000 square miles more land mass to develop and maintain than the state of Missouri!) And thank you to Bud for his insights as a new member of the Ketchikan family. Your lack of pretentiousness was inspiring and especially refreshing. We welcome you with open arms, Bud!

Katie Jo Parrott
Ketchikan, AK

Received August 10, 2007 - Published August 13, 2007

About: "Ketchikan resident since 2002. Wife and mother who is proud to be raising kids in this community."

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