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"Frozen north", "Lower 48" and other favorite definitions about others
By Edward Brown


August 13, 2007
Monday PM

The "Frozen North" is on Par with "Lower 48" but given the tone they are spoken, these frequently become a derogatory put down. Usually this happens through frustration and becomes a defense mechanism when you assume others are working against your local concerns.

Before we had all this mass transit, mass communication and too much information out there, the terms "inside" and "outside" meant something to Alaska locals. Outsiders were defined as being totally committed to another community and therefore considered an outsider. Their concerns are usually located elsewhere.

Insiders were accepted by locals and lived and contributed to that community. Outsiders remained outsiders until they proved to the insiders that they were not there to take something or take you away as their slave back to their own village.

Your identity as an insider was cemented when you were given a nickname. If they cursed your name, you and the whole community knew that you stood outside that community.

If you have a tough time being an outsider. It might be time for you to actually become a part of this community again. Or at least you should quit pretending that you are still inside.

Outsiders should at least understand why insiders treat you as an outsider. This community is not your domain unless you at the very least have current standing. Again living elsewhere does not improve you current local status.

You yourself have defined yourself as an outsider by living elsewhere.

Edward Brown
Anchorage, AK

Received August 10, 2007 - Published August 13, 2007

About: "Alaska has the highest percentage of American Indians. I am one of them. This does not entitle me to any special privleges. I live in the largest native village Anchorage. I moved herew to work and raise my family."


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