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Asking for owner of dog to step up and do the right thing
By Maia Bowers


August 09, 2007

To the man whose dog attacked my cat on MY property, Sunday, August 5 ,2007 on North Tongass Highway:

Shame on you for not having your dog restrained. I noticed that you had its leash around your neck, to me this means that you knew that it needed to be restrained and what good does a leash do if it is not on the dog?

You kept telling me "Your cat is fine." Well, my cat was NOT fine. His leg was shattered and required major surgery, not to mention the bite wounds he suffered on the other leg.

I had to have my uncle come over to get the cat out of it's hiding place, guess what??? My uncle had to go to the Emergency Department because he sustained severe bites & scratches from the cat! So that is another casualty of your negligence in not keeping what I can only assume is an aggressive animal restrained and out of other people's property.

I know many people may read this and say "it's just a cat" but it is my cat, my pet and it happened on my personal property.

I am sure you know who you are if you are reading this. If you have one shred of human decency you will contact me at the e-mail address below. If it was your dog, cat, kid, car etc. I would have given you my name and phone number instead of quietly sneaking off.

Maia Bowers
Ketchikan, Alaska

Received August 07, 2007 - Published August 09, 2007


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