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Education: A Wise Investment
By Gregory Vickrey


August 09, 2007

As a wise person recently re-iterated to me, education is an investment, not a static expenditure on the part of the Borough and the people of this community. It is an investment in our children, our future, and our economy. And in determining funding levels on a yearly basis, it is perhaps the Borough Assembly's most important decision.

At best, the funding for education in our community has been inconsistent. At worst, we experience what we did this past budget cycle - an aggressive action undercutting the critical funds so necessary for the sustainbility of our most precious industry, education.

As a candidate for Borough Assembly, I have already stated my desire to fund to the cap, and the willingness to fight for it. We must be dedicated to this sort of investment consistently, year to year.

The question is, to what end? What are we investing in if we do, indeed, fund to the cap regularly? Collectively, we must substantiate this investment.

How can music programs be enhanced? What about extension of other fine arts programs? There exists the possibility of computer labs and education dedicated to utilizing software programs and the study of emerging technologies. Can we institute field programs that take advantage of the incredible environmental resources around us?

No doubt you have many more ideas a consistently and properly funded educational system can produce. Please share them with me at and let's pursue together the educational investment the young people of this community deserve.

And beyond the cap, what can the Borough do in the realm of education to further this economic and quality-of-life investment?

For starters, we can carry the banner for expansion of programs at UAS-Ketchikan. By making UAS-Ketchikan a top-notch Borough priority, we recognize and demonstrate the importance of higher and continuing education and can make this institution a cornerstone for our developing community.

The Borough can also make it a high priority to work closely with Saxman as it seeks to serve its unique educational needs and desires.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on these ideas as well as your own regarding education or any other topic under the sun.

Thanks for reading, and please vote in this incredibly important election on October 2nd.

To Education!

Gregory Vickrey
Email: gregory[at]
Ketchikan, AK

Received August 08, 2007 - Published August 09, 2007

About: Gregory Vickrey is a candidate for Borough Assembly, and has big ears for listening.

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