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By John P. Suter


August 07, 2007

Dear Editor

States that allow hemp products to be sold should allow hemp to be grown also. It is inconsistent to not allow hemp to be grown in a state, but to allow hemp products to be sold in that state. .

Next, it is way past time for the federal government to get off of making it illegal for marijuana to be grown. Every one every where can buy it or grow it at any time and do. As it is now at this time the federal government does not have a handle on it, but the product is America's number one cash crop. If the federal government were to allow it to be grown, then the government would be able to tax it and regulate it. As it is now, the federal government does neither. Next, it would free up America's police forces to go after bank robbers, rapist, criminal gangs and such. These are the real problems of America. For much to long the federal government has been stuck on stupid. Marijuana is going forward at full speed with or with out the federal government's blessing.


John P. Suter
Chugiak, AK

Received August 04, 2007 - Published August 07, 2007

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