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Cell phone ban
By Penny Eubanks


August 02, 2007
Thursday PM

I read that City Council will be considering a measure to ban use of a cell phone while driving in the city limits. Admittedly I use my cell phone while on the road. I also listen to the radio, change stations, put in a new cd to play, talk to my passenger - even glance their way now and then, sing, glance at passing scenery, etc. Oh yeah if I was a smoker I probably would even open a pack of cigarettes and smoke one! I wonder when "Big Brother" plans to regulate/ban all of those actions as well. I would say that doing any of the above falls into the same category of distraction actions as cell phone use does. If the intent is for drivers to keep both hands on the wheel at all times instead of holding a cell phone to the ear, changing the radio station, or smoking a cigarette ­ then by golly on a nice day we best not open the window and rest our arm in the sun while driving with the other hand! "Big Brother" should stop trying to mold everyone into robotic mindless characters!

Penny Eubanks
Ketchikan, AK

Received August 02, 2007 - Published August 02, 2007


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