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Rights, somebody & somewhere to nowhere
By Patti Brady


August 02, 2007
Thursday PM

Just because I live in MO does not mean this is where I am from. Just like 90% of you in Ketchikan. I was born and raise elsewhere. I'm from a tourist trap called Daytona Beach. Florida. Trust me when I say the tourist allow you to live in paradise all year long. Because they do.. I rely on the tourist to make my living for twenty years! So I just didn't fall off the turnip truck-ok! Never once did the state of Florida ask the federal government TO FUND any roads or bridges. With all the hurricanes that we had and have was there any special funds set aside for us!! So bring it on, I'll "make" the time to make my point & WILL.

Just like the most of you, I have chosen to leave my home and move to other parts of this great big county. THIS IS WHAT WE IN THE LOWER FORTY EIGHT DO cause we can. Unlike you that have chosen to move to an Island that is only accessible by limited access. Which everyone of you knew this-and if the truth was known-this is the reason you moved there because of the limited access. So get use to "outsiders" & buttinskies when you're a tourist TRAP. Build all the bridges and dirt roads you want, BUT NOT WITH MY MONEY!

Patti Brady
Mayfield, MO

Received July 31, 2007 - Published August 02, 2007


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