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Eyes roll when we hear, bridge blah, blah, blah
By Edward Brown


August 02, 2007
Thursday PM

When I get preachy my teenagers' eyes roll to the back of their head. With that visual in mind it reminds me of a certain viewpoint writers endlessness description on the lack of need for a Ketchikan bridge to anywhere. Maybe - Ketchikan deserves to be disconnected from all the nearby islands? Especially if one moves to Tennessee to get away from this Peyton place called Ketchikan.

Moving on to another blah,blah,blah. We American taxpayers have paid for bigger boondoggles than this Ketchikan-Pennock and Gravina bridge and road. Think of Steward's folly and what was paid for it. How many millions did they pay for this worthless barren land?

Blah,blah,blah, The first illegal American immigrants <Pilgrims> stayed long enough to be true citizens. Canadian Indians(Haidas) immigrated to Alaska from Queen Charlotte islands after they canoed to Canada from Polynesia. Tlingits and Tshimsians came from the Northwestern Americas. The rest of the Alaska native populations came from the Asian continent. We all immigrated from somewhere. Even white folks from Tennessee have moved here.

Blah,blah,blah, then Native land claims happened in Alaska to establish the permanency of the American purchase of the Russian Fur trading Co. That was Seward's folly, he purchased a fur trading company and not the land mass of Alaska. Just ask the Russians who sold the fur trading company to him.

The subsequent oil pipeline further established this land we call Alyeska as a US possession. Just think a national park where we can drill for oil, dig for gold, cut timber and fish like there is no tomorrow. Next thing you know they will want a free bridge out of town too. Eyes are rolling back ...

Edward Brown
Anchorage, AK

Received August 02, 2007 - Published August 02, 2007

About: "Born, raised, still have family in 1st city. Moved north to find work.When my son was younger, he chopped the air in half and announced me as only 1/2 an Indian. the other half is Norwegian and you cannot tell that half anything."


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