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James's Last Trip to Alaska
By Doug Barry


August 31, 2006

Some people like to complain. Others love to complain. And then there are those who thrive on complaining. My keen intuitive sense tells me Peter James falls in the last category. Otherwise, why would he bother to write a letter instead of just making his last trip indeed his last trip? Is he hoping for a refund of the taxes he incurred to entice him back to the beautiful state of Alaska? Did he not take in the breathtaking scenery or other positive attributes of the Great Land? Perhaps he was just under the influence of a fine "whine" when he wrote his letter.

Not that I'm complaining.

Doug Barry
Bend, OR - USA


About: Doug Barry was born and raised in Ketchikan and now lives in Bend, Oregon. He still loves his hometown and state but disdains complainers.


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