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Pit Bulls
By Michael Moyer


August 29, 2006

In response to Kelly Needham's letter on Pit Bulls and the bad reputation they have developed. Kelly I appreciate that you are a responsible Staffordshire or American Pit Bull Terrier owner. Unfortunately there are far too many people who are not. I personally witnessed an incident in Anchorage a few years ago that comes to mind. My young infant nephew was napping while the neighbor started lighting firecrackers and throwing them to his Staffordshire Terrier!

The dog would slash, bark and generally go berserk. I called the Police immediately. The dog owner told the officer he was training his "PIT BULL" to be fearless.

In my opinion dogs are only as good as their owners. However, there are breeds of dogs that attract certain types of people. In the case of the Pit Bull group, this is very often individuals that exhibit anti social or confrontational behavior. The breed is used as a status symbol by these people. The remaining owners who are truly responsible spend lots of time defending their dogs because of the bad behavior of the irresponsible owners. At the same time the Pit Bull group like any breed was also selected for certain traits which may or may not be unbred. Defending that is not wise.

Michael Moyer
Ketchikan, AK - USA

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