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Last visit
By Kelly Needham


August 28, 2006

My, my, my, Peter James hasn't done his research! If he had, he would know that greedy Alaska communities have always been taxing tourists, at least the communities who have a sales tax. For as long as I can remember, tourists are required to pay the same sales taxes that I have in Ketchikan.

And the statement about Alaska equaling taxes - absolutely untrue! Alaska is the least taxed state in the union. If Mr. James knows so much, how come he doesn't know that the oil he buys doesn't come from Alaska, as most of the oil produced here is sold overseas. Yes, that's right, Alaska, as does the rest of the USA buys IMPORTED oil, as opposed to domestic oil.

I don't get $1000 just for breathing. I believe our last dividend was much smaller than that. And why is Mr. James so angry of this? Is it because the past powers that be in his state did not capitalize on their own resources to benefit their state and its residents? Mr. James asks for a break, I think he has had many more than he is grateful for. I bought a gallon of milk the other day, $4.29 at regular price, how much do you pay for staples such as these, Mr. James?

Oh, and you might want to look at your next phone/internet bill, take notice of the taxes you pay for these services, e-mail is already taxed in this fashion.

Also, if we do not tax our visitors, who do you think will still end up paying to clean up after so many of them who carelessly throw their rubbish into our streets? Or who would still have to pay to care for the porta-potties installed for visitor use every year? Who pays for the 87 sited illegal waste dumpings made by cruise ships in the inside passage in 2006? Is a head tax really that big of deal? No, people will still come. More and more every year, just as it has been. I know this because the price to come here is rising constantly, think how much more people have had to pay just in fuel surcharges over the last few years, and yet the industry only gets stronger.

If Mr. James knew what he was talking about, he wouldn't have made that last statement in his letter either. Why, last time I checked, there were more than 50 people residing on the two islands who could benefit from a bridge, although I am not saying that I do or do not endorse this bridge, just that peter should get his facts straight before writing such a letter. Since he didn't, his letter comes off as uneducated and irrelevant. But that's ok, Alaska is always open to people who want to enjoy it for what it is, not change it into what they think it should be. After all, these people are just passing though, they don't live here.

So, good-bye Mr. James. I hope you enjoyed your last visit.


Kelly Needham
Anchorage, AK - USA

About: "Payed taxes in Southeast for most of my life."


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