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Medical Costs
By Pat Long


August 23, 2006

I urge everyone to read the article on SitNews by Lee Bowman titled "Give me two 'medicare specials' and a side order of surgery." Today (Aug.23) President Bush gave an executive order directing the 4 major federal agencies that oversee health plans to compile information about the price and quality of health care and share it with the public.

Heath care consumers need to know these things. Doctors order this or that test or medicine without being fully aware of the cost. An informed patient will be able to discuss with the doctor the necessity of the drug or procedure and explore less costly alternatives.

Pat Long
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: "I've been a resident of Ketchikan for over 40 years. I spent 30 years in the health field."


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Give me two 'Medicare specials' and a side of surgery By LEE BOWMAN - Americans are increasingly being asked to consider how much health care is worth to them.

Not to be confused with health itself - which is priceless - politicians, employers and even some insurers are attempting to make the pricing of medical care "transparent" to consumers. - More....
Wednesday - August 23, 2006



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