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Get out and Vote! And support Postal Ballots
By Michael Spence


August 21, 2006
Monday PM

Getting all possible eligible people to vote is an essential part of democracy.

Unfortunately, Alaska still uses an archaic system that rarely succeeds in getting more than a small fraction of eligible voters to cast their ballots on election day.

We file our taxes by mail, service of legal documents is by mail, public corporations use postal proxy voting, yet the only way we can vote in an election by mail is to first drive somewhere ahead of time to pick up a ballot. Alaska should join other states in promoting postal ballots in all elections. If the state mailed the ballots to all eligible voters the percentage of participating voters will go up, and that can only be positive.

Michael Spence
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: "A ketchikan voter for over 25 years"


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