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By Charlotte Tanner


August 21, 2006

I say LET US ".... change leadership in mid-stream while the gas marketing contract proposals are still up in the air and in need of conclusion" so that a conclusion that good for Alaskans, and not just the present Governor's family, can be reached! PLEASE! Binkley will sell that Jet, Binkley is not in the pocket of the oil companies. Who will reach a better conclusion? Binkley? or this present Governor?

Charlotte Tanner
Ward Cove, AK - USA


About: Charlotte Tanner came to Ketchikan in 1968 on the M/V Wickersham. She lived in Petersburg for 16 years, and returned to Ketchikan in 1994. She has raised two children who are now in college, and are members of KIC. Tanner is an artist, she has one dog, and she is a gardener.





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