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Yes! Yes! Yes! on Cruise Ship Ballot Initiative #2
By Carrie L. James


August 21, 2006
Monday PM

I IMPLORE ALL REGISTERED VOTERS TO GET OUT TO VOTE AUGUST 22! Our voices need to be heard and Alaskan's need to take a stand to keep our beautiful state pristine.

If the cruise ship ballot initiative is defeated we will hurt our economy even more by possibly giving the wrong message, that Alaskans do not care about the quality of our seafood which is sold all over the country.
In the late 80's (to the best of my recollection) there was a special legislation held in Juneau giving grace to the cruise industry from paying taxes. ENOUGH!!

The fishing industry pays taxes, the timber industry pays taxes, the oil industry pays taxes, and we as Alaskans pay taxes. What makes the cruise industry so special? Yes they bring money to the economy, but they will keep coming to Alaska. When people cruise to the Carribean the travel agencies do not break down the exact cost of packages and how much of the travel package dollars go towards taxes. Tourists will not blink an eye at a $50 rise in their travel package, it is expected with the rise of inflation.

The cruise industry is paying approximately 15,000 on a daily basis to deter Alaskans from voting "YES" on the Cruise Ship Ballot Initiative which is just a bunch of propaganda and scare tactics on the communities. Alaskans need to take a stand and get out there and vote, exercise your right to vote. I'll be out there picketing August 22 with a big "YES" on Cruise Ship Ballot Initiative #2.

Alaska Native Sisterhood spearheaded this initiative and it was passed through resolution at ANB/ANS Grand Camp Convention, and through the help of "responsible cruising" we were successful to get it on the ballot, although it would have been better to have it on the main election.

I applaud those who are voicing their support for the initiative #2. Thank you Dave Person, Rob Glenn, Susan Walsh, Pete Ellis, Patricia Hickox, Eric Muench, the Great Gershon Cohen of Haines and the many others who will step forward to vote "YES".

Once this initiative is passed it will generate up to $70 million in head taxes alone, and 33% of Gambling profits from these floating casinos.

I have voiced my opinion in great detail earlier on this important initiative last month. It can be viewed in the archives.


Carrie L. James
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: "Alaska Native Sisterhood Grand 2nd Vice President; Alaska Native Sisterhood Ktn Camp #14 President; KIC Tribal member; SEACC member; Advocate for our land; registered voter"



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