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Consolidation and Other Community Based Issues...exercise your vote
By Bobbie McCreary


August 21, 2006

"It will be fine only if the voters get out to exercise their right to not only vote but to also communicate with the elected officials." (Quoting Rick Grams' recent letter)

YES, it takes the voices of our community as a whole, not just a few, to speak to our elected officials and others who represent and protect our interests for our vision of this community in the future. And when there are differing opinions, compromises can be developed...only if we open the dialog.

Ketchikan has an amazing potential; I can only hope we look far enough ahead to capitalize on it and assure a healthy and secure future for our youth.

Bobbie McCreary
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: "Someone who wants to assure a Ketchikan of the future that serves our community."


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