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Watch out for Proposition 2
By Anita Hales


August 21, 2006
Monday PM

Proposition 2 at a glance might seem like a good idea. "Yeah let's screw the cruise industry with a tax!" But how many people have looked beyond the tax. This proposition is so full of sleazy bureaucratic mumbo-jumbo that it would make any fiscally responsible Alaska cringe.

It creates a whole new bureaucracy and will require the hiring of who-knows-how-many new employees to make it happen.

The Sea Ranger program is a nightmare. I wonder if anyone has studied the cost if this is implemented. It throws out current, working, environmental controls which the cruise industry is voluntarily submitting to and exceeding the requirements.

So if you want to create a new bureaucracy, buy new computers for it, hire employees for it, rent office space for it and dig a monetary pit into which all the supposed taxes will be thrown, go ahead and vote yes.

An industry tax might be a good idea but let's vote this down and get something more palatable.

Anita Hales
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Ketchikan resident since 1965. Involved in Ketchikan media.




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