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Obvious flaws exposed by Mr. Dial
By A. M. Johnson


August 21, 2006

Mr. Dial has clearly illuminated the many and most obvious flaws in the current consolidation effort. All of the subjects Mr. Dial detailed have been pointed out to this consolidation commission as they were to the unification and consolidation commission in past efforts in some similar form. In my opinion,all rejected out of hand then as now.

It is my belief that the authors of this current consolidation effort, with the approval of the State of Alaska, are counting on public apathy to slip reprehensible and nonrevocable local government enlargement on the general population without their full understanding or knowledge. With the exception of Mr. Dial's public effort to educate us, they seem quite successful. Mr. Gram's letter provides such assurances. Mr. Gram is an example of idealism. The reality being the lack of public interest is just what the authors desire, and that apathy will continue till a personal ox is gored. Mr. Dial points out that then after the fact, is much too late to recant.

Most assured, all of Mr. Dial's analyses are spot on. With each loss of current services provided by the State, we, like other areas of the State that have unified or consolidated, will assume increased taxes and larger replacement government bureaucracy.

One point that Mr. Dial has not mentioned is the possibility the City of Ketchikan will adopt even stricter building codes next year. With the approval of consolidation, these new stricter codes will be transferred to the new borough resulting in costly scrutiny in the form of permit cost and on site inspections. The current State codes in effect for rural areas satisfy all loaning and insurance needs.

Another point to ponder: Has anybody pondered on the fact that all 48 contiguous United States, and perhaps Hawaii, have three layers of government. State, County(borough) and local.

If this were such a grand and wonderful solution to Governmental utopianism, would not other State legislators have introduced and promoted such a wondrous solution?

My thanks and respect to Mr. Dial for his efforts.


Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: "In opposition to consolidation I recall the story of the mechanic (consolidation committe) that told his customer (citizens)"I couldn't repair your brakes, so I made your horn louder."


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