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Cruise Ship Industry & Taxes
By Alan R. McGillvray


August 20, 2006

To: The Citizens of Alaska,

Having voted against Ballot Measure 2, does not mean that I don't support some more taxes against the "Cruise Ship Industry". Particularly Gambling, much more than anything else needs taxed to the full extent of a retroactive law taxing gambling on Cruise Ships while still in State of Alaska Waters out to 12 Mi..

I have personally seen these well-lit ships in slow motion, behind Gravina Island. Do we know for certain that no gambling (slot machines and other games of chance) other than that done for the enumeration of
non-profit organizations, as allowed by Alaska State Law?

I say "No!!!" We have had no S.O. AK representative on board any ship in State waters: where gambling operations allowed while the Ships in Question were in State Waters?

I call for an inspection of Ship's records (the books) to discover any unlawful activity, gambling, prostitution, etc. We do need to determine the level of activity on these Ships and TAX accordingly.


Alan R. McGillvray
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: "50 year resident of Alaska, and Ketchikan. I have lived in and out of Ketchikan, and AK, however I was a resident of Ketchikan when the Perm Fund was initiated".

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