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By Pete Ellis


August 20, 2006

Alaska needs a strong and experienced governor at this stage of the game and Murkowski fills that bill far better than the others involved in the primary race.

Frank's proven ability to make hard and tough decisions despite the disapproval of some members of the body public is vital to our future. He has not hesitated in terms of marching forward in accordance with beliefs as to what is best for Alaska. If returned to office he will continue making vital executive decisions necessary for the State and important for Alaska's future.

Let us not change leadership in mid-stream while the gas marketing contract proposals are still up in the air and in need of conclusion. Voting yes for Murkowski will be the best thing we can all do to ensure that future rewards will have the greatest benefit for all of us.

Pete Ellis
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About:" Alaska resident for 73 years with a belief that Alaska is for Alaskans."




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