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"Yes" on 2
By Patricia Hickox


August 20, 2006

Keep it beautiful and they will come. Vote yes and make the Tourist Industry tell us how much they are charging and how much they are making off only the businesses they let advertise in their ship newsletter. In Hawaii, only local people can do local tours. How many billions go south with the workers, the jewelry sales? Any money in any coffer will help.

We need money in our state for the elders, children, women, and treatment for alcoholics and drug addicts. We were encouraged to drink when I got here. Last Frontier etc. Belly up to the bar that was open to 5 AM. "You're cold, wet, have a shot of whiskey."

We created the atmosphere now let's help the people that got hooked. Our leaders were not great examples of sobriety.

Protect our waters and make tourist help pay for keeping it beautiful, but let's not let them run over us and become more important than the local people of Alaska.

Patricia Hickox
Ketchikan, AK - USA


About: "Long time Alaskan resident interested in programs for people."


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